Whither Appalachia? is a question that elicits several answers and prompts even more questions. During the early 20th century Appalachia was a “hotbed” of radical labor unrest. Revolution was festering here. During the 2016 election cycle, it was “ground zero” for political reaction. Reification had taken its toll. Dissatisfied with responses from a growingly populist Appalachian left, some anti-capitalists in the region began to question the legitimacy of existing regional narratives.

With “ruthless criticism of all that exists” in mind, Whither Appalachia? was created.

A journal and blog, Whither Appalachia? seeks to critically assess the Appalachian condition from an informed anti-capitalist position. Drawing from a multitude of tendencies, we hope to collaborate and work with political dissidents throughout the area; as well as to have consistent communication and analysis of workers struggles on the ground.

Whither Appalachia? is determined to diligently elaborate on the question of our namesake. We cannot claim a future consensus with the politics of our “ostensible friends”. It is only our intention to jolt the conversation forward. Volume I is expected to be released by the end of the year.

  • Submissions and questions: whitherappalachia@protonmail.com