Whither Appalachia? as a blog and a journal is not strictly interested in subsuming communist tendencies throughout the region into the project. Rather, we hope to serve as a platform for announcements, solidarity statements, communiques, and reports that align with our general trajectory. With this in mind, we are pleased to host the launch statement of Confluence Distro, a new publishing project out of the Eastern Panhandle area of West Virginia.

If you would like to use our platform for something similar please contact us at:

Radicals based in the periphery of Appalachia are excited to announce a new zine distro. Confluence Distro aims to disseminate, publish, and promote anarchist and anti-authoritarian strains of thought throughout the so-called eastern panhandle of West Virginia, western Maryland, and northern Virginia. We hope this project can foster affinity so other endeavors may come to fruition.

Confluence Distro is a project run completely in our free time and out of our own pockets so any contributions would be greatly appreciated. We are currently looking at fundraising options to get the distro going on strong footing. Be sure to check us out on Twitter for updates on how to contribute if you so please. Major items needed to get this project rolling include a reliable printer and a long-arm stapler, on top of regular paper and ink costs. Our goal is to have a regular presence at numerous events throughout our region, so acquiring these items earlier rather than later will allow us to focus our time and energy on distributing materials to you! In addition to tabling, Confluence Distro also serves as a medium for radicals in and outside of Appalachia to share their experiences and writing to a broader audience. If you have a zine you would like us to distro or need help with editing or formatting please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our first tabling event will be July 27th at the Four State Punk Rock Flea Market being held at the Let There Be Rock School Panhandle in so-called Martinsburg, WV. Come say hi! More info will be posted on our Twitter as we get closer to the event. If anyone has any questions, suggestions, tabling opportunities, or contributions shoot us an email at confluencedistro@protonmail.com.

Big thank you to Occupied Southwest Distro for supplying us with zines while we work on getting the necessary items listed above and to countless others who continue to answer our numerous questions with patience, honesty, and understanding. We would also like to thank the Whither Appalachia? for giving us the opportunity to make an official announcement on their platform!

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