Whither Appalachia declares our support for Los Angeles’s striking teachers. As we noted in our analysis of last year’s West Virginia teachers’ strike, while not inherently revolutionary and certainly not the often dreamed-for return of the classical Workers’ Movement, the recent wave of class struggle among educational workers is a tantalizing glimpse of the possibility for autonomous proletarian action in the 21st century. The strike’s ability to generate public support and polarize bureaucrats was a welcome development. We hope that the strike in LA will do this and more. Reaction to news of this strike from West Virginia teachers has been encouraging; there was a statewide demonstration on Monday and several have been involved in attempts to raise funds and supplies. Any radical action is always a wager, with solidarity (which we wish to distinguish from mere verbal “support”) the only reliable measure of security. From Appalachia to LA, and everywhere in between, solidarity forever.

For those looking for more information and coverage of the strike as it continues, we recommend following our comrades at Ediciones inéditos, an LA based proletarian communization project.

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